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1955 Part 2, Ore, Wash, Vancouver, Fraser River, Yoho, Banff Lake Louisa, Kootenai Glacier, Great Falls Springs and Yellowstone
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1955 Trip, Part 1, Start to Oregon, At 3bg?, Booneville, Sod House, Independence, Berthound Pass, Sacramento, Frisco, Eureka-Trees
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1955 in Park, Hoover, Tree Falling, Needle Cliff, Mammoth, Giant Geyser, Animal
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2nd Trip to Yellowstone, Ill., Mo., Kans., Colo., NM., Ariz., UT., OK., Idaho, 1953, Bryce Canyon
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Bear Yearling Cubs at Play Roosevelt, Stage Coach, Mother Bear
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Coyote, Antelope, Good Hazel, Fishing Mitchell, Eddg Al?, Crossing River, Jackson Hole, Mitch 1st Arizona, Summer 1957
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Crane Bridge Construction Crossing Yellowstone, Horseback
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Specimen Ridge, Chit and Chetter Club, Mule Deer, Buffalo, Fish-Elk, Trip to Oregon, Neals?, Crater Lake and Trip up Coast, Good Neal Family, Jenni and Mrs. Davis Mrs. Vi Mie's?, 1953
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Trip Out, Mule Deer, Phoenix, Arizona, and Bear Cubs, Some Yellowstone Near End
template is Video
Trip to Yellowstone Park, Toledo to Park, June 1952
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Trumpeter Swans, Gardiner Dump Grizzlies, Dee Emmy, Dorp and Convertible, Buffalo Good Pie, Mud Volcano, Bears, Henry's Lake Lodge
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Yellowstone 1954, No 2, Heists Ranch, Osprey, Antelope, Elk, Kepler Cascades, Castle Geyser, Short Bear Cubs, Jardine Road View, Tower Falls, Day Bob Was Lost?
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Yellowstone 1954, Rawlins, Beartooth, Skiing, Sunlite Valley, Cody Rodeo, Trip Jennie etc Rabbit?
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Yellowstone 1956, Hell Roaring Fishing, McLoughlins, Kukbir? Lamar Fishing, Buffalo, Bear, Jennie Eddie, Hirla Daneers?
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Yellowstone National Park Part II, July and August 1952, Old Faithful Geysers, Bears, 1952, Yellowstone, Salley Dwight Alyce and Floyd
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Yellowstone Park, Horseback Rides, Moose, Picket Pins, Va City and Butte, Bears, Pilot and Index, 1953, Yellowstone, Alyce and Floyd
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Yellowstone, Roosevelt Lodge Burro with Horns Trip Home, Oil Well Pumping

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