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    History of Montana. 1739-1885 : A history of its discovery and settlement, social and commercial progress, mines and miners, agriculture and stock-growing, churches, schools and societies, Indians and Indian wars, vigilantes, courts of justice, newspaper


    [...]General Grant, Lewis & Clarke County. Oro Cache, Madison County.
    Good Friday,[...]
    [...]ster Lodge, No. 13, I. 0. 0. F., Miles City 1 was oro-anized with a large
    membership. The list o[...]
    [...]mps and settlements of Dry Gulch, Tucker, Holmes, Oro Fino, are almost cotemporary
    with Helena. Nelson was[...]et.tlement is five
    miles southwest of Helena via Oro Fino gulch. Silver City, twelve miles from Hele[...]
    [...]dians on this trip. In 1861 he started to Ori Fino Gulch,
    WM. D. JONES, P. 0. Dupuycr, was born[...]He him to oversee the claims at Ora Fino. Late in the fall
    then moved into Choteau[...]
    on Columbia river. Here he joined the Oro Fino Choteau county, it is well to menti[...]
    [...]n Mr. Corbly found good prospects on Oro Fino Creek,
    April 19, 1870, married Mariam D. S[...]
    [...]ginia City, 120 miles away, and trade for
    to Ora Fino, the first mine discovered in Vif ashington[...]being able to procure any, returned and Ora Fino Mining Co., and also of the New Water Co.[...]
    [...]ather's, and is cutting hay from his place in Ora Fino Gulch, which same stream now supplies the[...]
    [...]68 the right of those parties whg had Oro Fino mines, I<lahq, and the same season, 1861,[...]
    [...]self- remained a few weeks, then started for Oro Fino, Idaho,
    denial and resolution. On your a[...]
    [...]883 he engaged in the saloon business
    went to the Oro Fino mines in W. T ., and in 1862 came[...]
    [...]ft to proceed alone.
    Oregon, arnl in 1861 came to Oro Fino mines in Idaho. lie finally succe[...]
    [...]Republican, and
    mines, including the Banker and Oro Butte lodes, was
    born in Philadelphia, Pa[...]
    Idaho, visiting Warren, Florence, Elk City and Oro Horeb, where he served as postmaster one year, and
    Fino mining camps; went to the Columbia river i[...]
    [...]r The ore was mined from the Banker, Oro Butte, and
    Diggings (three miles below the villag[...]f construction
    ing the " Banker " " Clear Grit " "Oro Butte " "Sil- in Butte, having bui[...]

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