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Help Guides for using the Portal

We have created several guides for users learning to navigate the Portal. Please click the titles of the guides below to read the full help guide. These guides have been created based on frequently asked questions.

If the guides do not solve your issue or you have additional questions, please submit a ticket.


The State of Montana requires an Okta account to interact with all online state services, including Submitting a ticket. If you don't have one, you can create a new Okta account or you can log in with an existing account. This linked document walks you through setting up a new account, setting up a security question, and resetting your account password. 


Using the Montana History Portal: access and initial setup


Searching the Montana History Portal


Searching for an item in a collection


Ordering a reproduction and requesting permission to use items


Citing Sources


Adding items to a personal collection for later use


Adding image tags and recollections


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